An East-West Cultural Bridge

Leyi Culture markets international artists in China and promotes Chinese artists globally. Its streaming system and e-business platform provides as “World Stage” for all artist reach large online audiences worldwide.

The China Music Industry Park

. . . provides international businesses and artists with resources to help create new products and to distribute and sell in the China market. It is a business “Hub” for the modern China music industry.

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Yunbo Media Platform

Leyi Culture’s live streaming platform is branded as “Yunbo Media,” and has been used to stream major international performers to online viewers in China and internationally. Yunbo means “Playing in the Cloud.”

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Artist Promotions

Leyi Culture aggressively markets and promotes international artists in the China market, especially in China’s massive mobile social media networks, which represents the vast majority of the consumer market. It promotes artist’s work to Chinese tastes and expectations.

Major Concerts

Leyi Culture organizes and manages performance events in China for major artists and performing groups that were streamed live to online audiences in China and internationally. It organizes concert tours for many smaller and independent artists

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International Events

Leyi Culture organizes concerts and other events featuring major performing artists in China and internationally which it can stream live to online viewers worldwide.

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Streaming In and Out of China

Leyi Culture was the first company in China to successfully stream live concerts in and out of China reliably at high quality using stable bandwidth. Leyi Culture’s streaming system increases market reach and revenue potential for artists and companies in the China market.

Real-time Multi-Site Concerts

Leyi Culture’s live streaming technologies supports multi-site, real-time artist interactions, each in a different location. It has the technology to connect artists in China with artists in the U.S. so they can perform together in real-time.

Streaming Platform

The live streaming system creates a stale “World Stage” for artists and performance companies. This allows Leyi Culture’s artists to build large online fan-bases in China’s massive mobile market communities, as well as in international markets.

Yunbo Entertainment

Leyi Culture’s Yunbo Entertainment digital sales platform offers music, video, film, TV programs and concerts to the Chinese and world markets. Its mission is to increase Chinese and Western cultural understanding with interactive music and concerts.

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Artist and Tour

Leyi Culture has the expertise to aggressively market and promote international artists in the China market. This includes China’s massive mobile social media networks, which represents the vast majority of the consumer market. It can fast track international artist’s digital content in the China market. . .                  

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Live Streaming

Leyi Culture developed an integrated live streaming and e-business platform for digital media (music, video, TV, film, etc) and live performance events that provides consumers, artists and client companies with applications for managing and marketing their digital products and performances in China. . .            

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