The Silk Road Music Alliance

What is the Alliance?

The Silk Road Music Alliance (The Alliance) is a multi-country, multi-industry initiative established in 2016 to develop and expand the music, film/movie, entertainment, digital media and culture industries in China. It markets international artist and companies in China and promotes Chinese artists in international markets.

  • The Alliance’s immediate goal is to promote and market Alliance member’s artists, creative work, business projects and cultural exchanges between the Chinese and international markets.
  • Its long-term goals include launching comprehensive cooperative ventures in various fields including the areas of creation, production, performance, promotion, copyright, education, event streaming, business platforms, digital media sales, etc., in the Chinese and international music, cultural and entertainment markets.

Alliance Activities

In 2016 and 2017 the Alliance established and managed the Silk Road Music Festivals in Ningbo and Chendu. The Alliance also established international industry forums in Ningbo and Chengdu to promote and develop markets in China for Alliance members.

During MIDEM 2017 companies from 18 countries located along the One Belt One Road initiative, also known as the “Silk Road” initiative, held a signing ceremony, officially becoming the first international Alliance members. Representatives attending the signing ceremony included:

  • Mr. Xu Wentong, deputy director of the State Administration of Press, Publication and Broadcasting Administration,
  • Mr. Wang Ju, executive vice president of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association,
  • Mr. Liu Wenhe, Deputy Director General of the Copyright Collective Management Association, and the Music Industry Promotion Committee, the China Recording Committee, the Digital Audio and Visual Working Committee,
  • Representatives of leading Chinese music production and publishing companies, and
  • Company representatives from 18 countries (Georgia, India, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, Belgium, the United States, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and China).

During the Fall of 2018 the Alliance will present the Silk Road International Music Festival and industry forum in Pingyao City, located in Shanxi Province. Pingyao is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and an AAAAA-rated tourist attraction. Pingyao is also home to China’s rapidly growing film and movie production companies, and supports extensive business, education and entertainment infrastructure.

Alliance Management

Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Company (Leyi) manages the Alliance business organization. It is responsible for securing all licenses to do business in China for Alliance members, and all supporting business and technology infrastructure, event management and all related marketing, promotions and sales for Alliance member artists and companies.

Leyi also manages the National China Music Industry Park, which provides a wide range of business resources and government incentive programs to Alliance members. This includes reduced real estate costs, development rebates and tax reduction incentive programs.


Chinese and international companies, artists and industry organizations in the music, film/movie, entertainment and related cultural industries can become an Alliance member. Memberships include.

Basic Membership: Basic members can participate in the Alliance music festivals and forms, and market and promote their business during these events. Members can sell their digital and creative work through Alliance distribution and sales channels in China.

Business Membership: Business members can use virtual and physical office resources, marketing and promotions services, and use of the Alliance digital media streaming and sales platform to mange their own creative works, marketing and sales in China.

Partnership Membership: A partnership member can obtain “preferred business status” in the China market by registering the in the National China Music Industry Park. Registered members can build and manage their own venue, studio and other creative industry infrastructure. Partnership Members have access to government grants, awards programs and development rebate programs.