Digital Transaction Tracking Technology

Business Technology Description

Leyi’s business technology partner, Cugate AG, a German digital media and technology company, developed unique watermark/fingerprint, content management and transaction tracking technologies that provide a data-driven solution for worldwide digital audio and video production copyright protection integrated with sales, distribution, monitoring, market data analytics and payment system.

  • The technology allows artists and content owners to track and record a wide range of digital media characteristics and business information, including where it was produced, who produced it, when it was made, edition type, distribution channel, manufacturer, etc.
  • It can track all consumers listening or viewing digital content, where and when they were listening/viewing, how often they listened/viewed, which parts they listened to or viewed, and which broadcaster or streaming platform they accessed the media, etc.

Cugate Technology System Advantages

1) Most watermark/finger print technologies in the market require some degree of manual configuration and validation of the digital product metadata. The Cugate system completely automates this process, thus saving time and labor. This is critical in the China market because all metadata must be provided for government approval for digital sales.

2) As Cugate’s tracking/accounting system monitors digital transactions it automatically updates the metadata, as changing regulations require. Additionally, market consumer data is captured in parallel. And it makes all royalty payments to artists and rights-holders.

3) The watermark/fingerprint technology monitors all digital transactions in all other sales platforms in the market. This allows the technology to quickly identify new consumer trends so it can negotiate favorable licensing contracts for digital products in our own distribution library.

4) The Cugate technology system can be used for the Chinese music awards judging program, which is similar to the Grammies and the Golden Melodies Awards programs. The chief advantage is its ability to collect, manage and analyze data.

Overview of the Digital Media Business System

Digital media and physical product owners and client companies can use the technology to manage digital media, social media content, sales, marketing, advertizing, financial transactions, and royalty payments.

  • Easily installed in any existing digital media sales or business platform.
  • Used for digital streaming services as well as for traditional media broadcasting.

The technology can also be used by cross industries (such as semiconductor) to track and monitor IP design and product placement sales.

The Key Technologies

ID Tag Coding Technology: Creates a “Virtual Barcode”

  • The ID Tag utilizes multi-level watermark and footprint technologies.
  • All types of digital media (music, video, TV, film, e-text, e-learning, etc.) and physical merchandise is encoded with a unique ID Tag that cannot be deleted or changed, even when copied or streamed on other sales platforms.
  • Creates a secure online business environment that enforces copyrights and protects all intellectual property.
  • The Virtual Barcode collects and links all data to digital media or physical products to improve marketing initiatives and increase product sales.

Blockchain Data and Financial Data Encryption

  • Creates encrypted tokens containing compressive product, market, consumer and financial transaction data for all digital and physical products.
  • Enables 100% secured Virtual Barcode use for multi-level marketing enhancement and interconnected consumer and industry transactions.
  • Supports consumer device background and proximity marketing, advertising pointers and affiliate marketing initiatives throughout the entire value chain.
  • Lets product owners add, compile and analyze all market and consumer data as it is collected in real-time without waiting for centralized administer approval.

Cugate has obtained multiple Chinese and international patents for the virtual bar code and transaction tracking technologies.

Virtual Barcode Advantages

Protects all copyrights, data and intellectual property, even when broadcast or sold on third-party sales platforms.

Provides flexibility and more features than systems like WeChat currently used in China.

  • Clients can encode and protect their own digital and physical products that can be quickly modified with customizable Widgets, allowing system clients to add their company specific features.
  • Can add product sales promotions and click-to-buy offerings to all digital products.
  • Can include both B2C and B2B product/service licensing purchase links.

Provides instant and validated payment information, status, auditing and reporting presenting account status, currency value, transaction reports and total payments.

Digital media content owners can manage and trace each individual product within any social media network, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instegram, etc.

Captures and feeds data to standard and client-customizable business components:

  • The Tracking System and Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis.
  • Data analytics to drive market intelligence and Big Data initiatives.
  • Affiliated Marketing Tool and Proximity Transmission.
  • YouTube and Digital Radio Monitoring System.

Tracking, Accounting and Reporting System

Monitoring System for All Digital Media

  • Monitors any digital broadcasting system, including YouTube services.
  • Calculates copyright collection societies payments.
  • Monitors marketing and portal injections.
  • Manages and examines actual income streams.
  • Profiling of song, artist, station and actual program performance.
  • Profiling and emotional targeting of oriented Ad-placements.
  • Tracks and forecasts digital media synchronization initiatives.

Digital Media Monitoring Reports

  • Real Time Charts
  • Royalty Collection and Payment Reports.
  • Stations Report: Full profiling and reporting of playlists and charting.
  • Ranking Report: Filtered by singer and song attributes.
  • Charts Report: Singer and song charts.
  • Client Report: Client, publisher, and label’s artist and track stats.

Creating Revenue Throughout the Entire Value Chain

Full Value Chain revenue generated from rights collection, exploitation revenues, sync licensing, broadcast and public performance control, product related emotional targeting, enhanced advertising and product placement.

The Virtual Barcode brings back traditional product monitoring and management to online commerce, making the full chain from production to consumer transparent and controllable.

Can be used as a Front-end Payment System

Digital Media Business System used as the Front-end Payment System:

  • For banking in China that utilize a USB Golden Key, when users use an installed payment system for mobile payments, then the technology system can access a mobile device’s banking information to create the bank approval code.
  • When consumers use a mobile payment system, then the system can use the personal credit card information from the mobile device, adding bank approved code, to generate an authorization code.

A payment system using Cugate’s technology system can be simple and secure, while collecting massive marketing information at the same time.

  • When using face ID technology and bank system to create ID Tag code during the payment transaction, the process won’t interfere with the banking system and credit card ID permit system.
  • Yet during the transaction, the payment system can have safe, simple payment process while collecting big data and marketing information.

Strategy to Implement the Payment System

Goal is to build a secure, simple and convenient digital payment environment to serve both the Chinese and international markets.

  • Chinese government regulations open new horizons for smart data collection of consumer and behavior data at the front end of transactions, not at the financial back end system, that will now be controlled by the government.

The tracking technology is a fundamentally new approach and answer to the market changes due to the Chinese regulations and the future voice over command requirements of consumers.

  • Collects key consumer and transaction data directly in the user interface, creating a richer environment for consumer interaction and market data capture.
  • Leyi can provide financial transaction companies with technology resources and Chinese government relationships to facilitate speed to market.

The technology system compliments online payment or credit card services for:

  • Controlling and co-developing a full system sales and transaction service,
  • Online payment and financial services, and
  • Unique Big Data collection processes.