Company Overview


Leyi Media Group LLC is an information technology and digital media company located in Madison, Wisconsin. It has developed a business model and supporting technologies to accurately pay all royalties to artists and content owners while protecting copyrights and intellectual property.

Cugate AG, Leyi’s technology partner, has develop innovative digital transaction tracking and monitoring technologies to enhance Leyi’s business model by creating a “Virtual Barcode” that track digital and online physical product sales.

Business Strategy

Leyi is initially targeting the China market because its business model gives it unique competitive advantages to effectively compete with the large media companies and Telecoms in China. Leyi is promoting its business offerings as and “East-West Cultural Bridge” that:

  • Reliably streams digital media, entertainment and live concerts in and out of China,
  • Markets and sells international artists in China guaranteeing all royalty payments, and
  • Promotes Chinese artists in international markets.

Leyi Media Group has 100% ownership and management rights to Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Company, a private Chinese company that is focused on developing the China market and related markets in the 65 countries participating in the One Belt One Road Initiative.

Leyi Media Group develops the international markets, coordinating with its Chinese Company to bridge both business and cultural issues to create a safe and secure business environment for its clients and business partners.

Technology and Investor Relations

Leyi Media Group works with creative companies, infrastructure development and business investors interested in developing new ventures in China’s music, entertainment and digital media markets.

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