Company Overview


Leyi Media Group LLC is a digital media and information company located in Madison, Wisconsin.

It is developing a streaming and digital media sales platform and supporting technologies that tracks all digital transactions to accurately report financial and non-financial transactions. The system accurately pays all physical product and digital media owners, including all royalties to artists, publishers and content owners while protecting copyrights and intellectual property.

Business Strategy

Leyi has used its platform technologies to stream live concert events featuring international performance groups from the U.S. to online audiences in North America, Europe and China. It has also streamed leading international artists performing in China to online audiences worldwide.

The tracking technology has been completed and test marketed in Europe and China. The system puts a unique identifier code in several companies’ digital libraries, including Warner’s digital music library. This digital media was broadcast in 2,000 Internet digital streaming radio stations in Europe and 150 stations in China. Initial results showed that direct payments to artists and content rights owners increases by 20% to 50%.

International Markets

Leyi is established operations in the U.S. to provide its business offerings in international markets. It was also established a company in China to bridge business and cultural issues required for creating a safe and secure business environment for its clients and business partners developing international and Chinese markets.

Targeting the China Market

Leyi is targeting the China market because its business model and supporting technologies gives it unique competitive advantages to effectively compete with the large digital media companies and Telecoms in China.

Leyi’s e-business platform and digital transaction technology was reviewed and validated by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The technology was also used by The China Audio Video Copyright Association (CAVCA, 中国音像著作权集体管理协会), one of China’s new Collection Societies for digital music media, to monitor the digital broadcasting services and royalty payments. As a result, the National Chinese Government endorsed Leyi’s platform and business model as a preferred business solution in the digital media and entertainment industries in China.

Leyi is promoting its business offerings as an “East-West Cultural Bridge” that provides artists, content providers and entertainment companies with applications to manage and market their digital media and live performances, enabling them to reach large online audiences in China and worldwide. Leyi’s business platform:

  • Reliably streams digital media, entertainment and live concerts in and out of China,
  • Markets and sells international artists in China guaranteeing all royalty payments, and
  • Promotes Chinese artists in international markets.

Leyi Media Group has 100% ownership and management rights to Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Company, a private Chinese company that is focused on developing the China market and related markets in the 65 countries participating in the One Belt One Road Initiative.

Technology and Investor Relations

Leyi Media Group works with creative companies, infrastructure development and business investors interested in developing new ventures in China’s music, entertainment and digital media markets.

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