Partnerships and Development Projects

Overview of Opportunities

Leyi is offering opportunities for business partners, infrastructure developers and investors to expand mutually beneficial business operations in China and internationally, and especially within China’s One Belt One Road Initiative. Key areas for business partners, infrastructure developers and investors include:

  • Developing IT and server infrastructure to support expanding bandwidth for the East-West Cultural Bridge business platform.
  • Creating and acquiring new unique digital media content for online sale in China’s massive mobile media networks.
  • Sponsoring and promoting national and international music festivals and industry forums within the 65 counties participating in the Silk Road Economic Development initiative.
  • Establishing multiple Live House venues, entertainment centers and cultural resorts in China that are integrated with the National China Music Industry Park–Shanghai (CMIP, 国家音乐产业基地-上海) and Leyi’s digital sales and live streaming platform.

Leyi’s National China Music Industry Park and the Silk Road International Music Industry Alliance assets make available extensive business and government resources to developers and investors interested in small- and/or large-scale creative industry ventures though out the One Belt One Road Initiative (Silk Road Economic Development Initiative).

Expanding Digital Platform Market Reach

Leyi and its technology partner, Cugate, have developed server-side technology that tracks all digital streams and transactions so that 1) All royalties and payments are paid directly to artists and content owners, and 2) Digital copyrights are protected and enforced. Additionally, Leyi’s client-side mobile app technology ties digital content with other digital and physical products.

The tracking technology embeds a unique ID Tag in all digital media (music, video, film, TV, e-text, ads, etc.) that acts a “virtual barcode.” Once encoded, the system monitors and tracks all content usage, even when broadcast on competitors’ platforms (or pirate sites). It allows content owners greater ability to control their own marketing, while capturing hard-to-get data for Big Data initiatives. This technology has been successfully used in commercial sites in Europe and China.

Leyi is seeking business partners and investors to expand the technology and business platform, building the IT, server and bandwidth infrastructure required to serve consumers through out the China market, as well as international online markets.

Developing Live House Venues and Supporting Commercial Sites

Leyi and its business partner, Media Rhino, have identified multiple sites in heart of Shanghai to develop a venue, production studio and IT center for its streaming and digital sales platform. This venture’s activities include:

  • Remodeling and developing its Leyi’s East-West Cultural Bridge branded showcase Live House venue, production studio, and digital broadcasting center.
  • Implementing IT infrastructure and digital sales platform to support live concert and event streaming and product sales in Chinese and international markets.
  • Developing a business center and supporting retail digital distribution channels.
  • Providing all business licenses and broadcasting permits to Leyi’s business clients and partners.

Leyi will leverage and expand on existing real estate infrastructure to ower costs ans speed development:

This initiative can be expanded to multiple sites in the greater Shanghai region, in multiple cities though out China, and along the Silk Road Economic development routes. Local district governments encourage building venue and entertainment businesses in their districts by providing incentive programs, such as:

  • Up to 50% of development costs contributed by matching District funds.
  • District funding, development grants, award programs and tax reductions.

Multiple locations available in the Greater Shanghai region:

  • Huangpu District – Across from the Expo Area on the Hunagpu River.
  • Zhejiang District – Ningbo City, Zhenhai Province.
  • Putuo District – Intl. Reception Center Building, located in West Shanghai.
  • Hongkou District – Music Valley Music Gallery in central Shanghai.
  • Hongkou District – Live House in the Huanda Film and TV Industry Park, next to Shanghai University’s technology and engineering campus.
  • Jiading District – Multiple sites in a major commercial area.

Developing Major Entertinament Destination Sites

Opportunities for major entertainment, commercial and resort projects exist in multiple sites in the Greater Shanghai region and in major cities along the One Belt One Road Initiative (Silk Road Initiative).

Incentive Programs: Both national and local district governments provide incentive programs to foreign companies and investors who commit to , including:

  • Up to 50% of development costs contributed by matching District funds.
  • Access to high-demand commercial real estate at low-cost. When working with Leyi and the National China Music Industry Park, the real estate costs can be negotiated as low as 10% of the market price.
  • District funding, development grants, award programs and tax reductions.

Available Destination Sites

1) Minhang District – Multiple sites in a major historic area (Qibao Old Town).

  • 1,273 acres for culture and arts development.
  • 615 acres for business and commercial and retail development.

2) Chongming Island – The Island consists of 500 square miles.

  • The Chongming District Government encourages large entertainment center and resort projects in multiple locations.
  • Chongming provides many development rebate and tax incentive programs to encourage developers and investors to develop entertainment and cultural infrastructure projects.

3) Chengdu City is promoting itself as the start of the Over-land Silk Road, as part of of China’s One Road One Road economic initiative. The Chengdu City government is seeking infrastructure developer, creative companies and investors to develop and expand major entertainment centers in the greater Chengdu region.

4) Pingyao City, located in Shanxi Province, is exploring concepts to develop a commercial entertainment center, or “Complex,” that integrates Pingyao’s existing film industries and tourism infrastructure with the Alliance’s, digital media platform technologies, music festivals, industry forums and its creative business and education resources to:

  • Provide full-service business, technology and production services to Alliance members.
  • Establish a talent and business incubator for emerging new Chinese and international artists.

Pingyao City, located in Shanxi Province, is:

  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a AAAAA-rated tourist attraction.
  • Home to China’s rapidly growing film and movie production companies, and supports extensive business, education and entertainment infrastructure.