Product Offerings and Business Services

Expressway to the China Market

Leyi provides client artists and companies with competitive business resources and digital sales channels to effectively increase their market reach and revenue in the China market. Specific business offerings include:

  • Marketing, distribution and digital media sales.
  • Artist and performance management.
  • Venues and entertainment destinations.

Marketing, Distribution and Sales of Digital Media

Leyi provides effective strategies for distributing and selling digital media products in the China market. It provides a safe and secure business environment for international artists and companies to directly access and sell in the China market. Leyi also promotes Chinese artists and cultural events in international markets and in Alliance member countries.

Leyi provides clients with effective strategies for distributing and selling digital media products in the Greater China market in a safe and secure business environment allowing funds transfer funds in and out of China.

Leyi markets and sells client companies’ digital products (music, video, film, TV, movies, and other digital and physical products) in the China market through multiple traditional and digital distribution channels:

  • Leyi sells digital products through all major telecom, digital music and video broadcasting platforms in China.
  • Leyi has all required licenses to securely sell on the Internet and mobile networks.
  • Leyi can sell directly through its own e-business platform using Cugate’s innovative digital transaction tracking technology in the near future.

Leyi has the expertise and relationships to aggressively market and promote international artists in the China market. This includes China’s massive mobile social media networks, which represents the vast majority of the consumer market.

Leyi was one of the first Chinese companies granted permits to stream live events in China. It streamed major international artists performing in China to online audiences worldwide (see previous live streaming events). Leyi provides clients with these same streaming services.

Artist and Performance Management

Leyi and its business partner, Media Rhino, has expertise in organizing and managing concert tours for international artists in China. Leyi’s business services include:

  • Organizing multi-city concert tours in China for international artists.
  • Providing consulting services to artists for adjusting their work to Chinese tastes and expectations.
  • Working directly with numerous Live Houses in China’s first and second tier cities.
  • Coordinating online digital releases with live concert tours.

Leyi also manages music festivals as part of the One Belt One Road (Silk Road) economic initiative. These are major music festivals sponsored by the Chinese government and by participating city governments.

Leyi also manages the annual Silk Road Maritime Music Festivals and the Silk Road International Music Festivals. These are major music festivals sponsored by the Chinese government and by participating city governments.

During these music festivals Leyi organized and promoted major Chinese industry forums, including:

  • The Maritime Silk Road International Music Forum, and
  • The Silk Road International Music Forum.

Venues and Entertainment Destinations

Leyi is the only private company that has been granted a permit to The National China Music Industry Park–Shanghai (CMIP, 国家音乐产业基地-上海). The CMIP gives Leyi development and management rights to build infrastructure to support music and cultural events in China. The CMIP allows Leyi’s client companies to acquire low-cost real estate and tax incentives to develop Live House venues and entertainment centers, including related commercial and retail infrastructure.

The CMIP also allows Leyi to establish its own Live House venue and production studio, and with supporting IT resources for streaming lives events and digital media products in China’s massive social media networks, as well as to international online audiences.

Leyi and its CMIP government resources allow it to develop and promote major cultural initiatives, including building multi-industry tourism and major entertainment destinations. Ley and its business partner, Media Rhino, coordinate all development and investment ventures in developing venue and entertainment infrastructure.

Incentive Programs: Both national and local district governments provide incentive programs to foreign companies and investors who commit to, including:

  • Up to 50% of development costs contributed by matching District funds.
  • Access to high-demand commercial real estate at low-cost. When working with Leyi and the National China Music Industry Park, the real estate costs can be negotiated as low as 10% of the market price.
  • District funding, development grants, award programs and tax reductions.

Available Destination Sites

Local district governments encourage building venues and entertainment businesses in their districts by providing incentive programs, such as:

  • Up to 50% of development costs contributed by matching District funds.
  • District funding, development grants, award programs and tax reductions.

Multiple locations available in the Greater Shanghai region, for example:

  • Huangpu District – Across from the Expo Area on the Hunagpu River.
  • Zhejiang District—Ningbo City, Zhenhai Province.
  • Putuo District—International Reception Center Building, located in West Shanghai.
  • Hongkou District—Music Valley Music Gallery in central Shanghai.
  • Jiading District—Multiple sites in a major commercial area.

Opportunities also exist for major commercial entertainment and resort projects. Leyi via its position in the CMIP represents the national government in project negotiations. Potential sites include:

1) Minhang District—Multiple sites in a major historic area (Qibao Old Town)

  • 1,273 acres for culture and arts development.
  • 615 acres for business and commercial and retail development.

2) Chongming Island—The Island consists of 500 square miles. The local government encourages large entertainment center and resort projects in multiple locations.

3) Chengdu City is promoting itself as the start of the Over-land Silk Road, as part of of China’s One Road One Road economic initiative. The Chengdu City government is seeking infrastructure developer, creative companies and investors to create and develop major entertainment centers.

4) Pingyao, located in Shanxi Province, is seeking to expand its tourism industry by integrating Chinese film industry with major venues, entertainment centers and resorts.

  • Pingyao is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and a AAAAA-rated tourist attraction.
  • It is home to China’s rapidly growing film and movie production companies, and supports extensive business, education and entertainment infrastructure.