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Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Company, Ltd. (Leyi Culture) is a culture and technology company established in 2013, with offices in Shanghai and Beijing. It has expertise in production, performance and artist management.


Leyi Culture’s business mission it to: 1) Bridge the East and West creative and culture businesses,  2) Promote Chinese artists and creative companies in international markets, and  3) Help Western artists and companies more effectively enter the China market.


To help achieve these goals, Leyi Culture has developed an innovative digital business platform using advanced information technologies that combines international music resources, world-class artist music A&R and recording production teams. Additionally, it has 1) Secured a significant library of Chinese and western digital music and video,  2) Obtained sales and distribution agreements with China Unicom, Xiami (Alibaba), Tiantian Dongting, and many other music and video platforms in China, and  3) Managed multi-city performance tours for independent and internationally recognized performing groups.


Leyi Culture is activity expanding its business projects. It is signing many new Chinese and international artists to record and stream new unique content for the Chinese and international markets. Leyi Culture is also rapidly expanding its library of digital music, video and TV content for sale on its business platform and other digital sales platforms in China and worldwide. It is developing business relationships with venues throughout China to increase its streaming of live concerts and performance events. And it is also expanding its digital streaming and e-business platform to support large online audiences in China and worldwide.

Building an East-West Bridge

Leyi Culture was the first company to stream live concerts at high quality and reliably in and out of China. This e-business streaming platform, branded as an East-West Cultural Bridge, acts as an expressway for international artists entering the China market and for Chinese artists promoting and performing to international audiences. Leyi Culture’s unique business technology protects intellectual property and ensures all royalties are paid to artists and rights holders.

China Music Industry Park

Leyi Culture is registered in the China Music Industry Park–Shanghai (CMIP, 国家音乐产业基地-上海), which provides tax incentives and business resources for its business clients. It is also registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone giving it preferred business resources and allowing it to transfer money in and out of China without restrictions.

The China Music Industry Park is the ideal business environment for Leyi Culture to build the East-West Cultural Bridge business initiative. The CMIP provides Leyi Culture with multiple business and government resources to create opportunities and profitability for its client companies. It can also help Leyi clients obtain government resources and funding to help promote artists, performances and products in the China and international markets.

An Active Industry Leader

Leyi Culture is on the Board of Directors of the following government policy-making committees:

  • The China Recording Industry Committee (CRIC, 中国唱片工作委员会). CRIC develops and implements policies and regulations for the digital media industry. Leyi represents foreign industry interests in Chinese industry policy making.
  • The China Audio Video Copyright Association (CAVCA, 中国音像著作权集体管理协会). CAVCA represents record labels for collecting broadcasting fees. It has recently established a new Collection Society for digital media sales in China.
  • The China Audio-Video & Digital Publishing Association (CADPA, 中国音像与数字出版协会). Previously called the China Audio-Video Association (CAVA, 中国音像协会), its membership includes all major music recording and digital service providers in China. Tencent, Alibaba, China Mobile and China Telecom also have Board representation.

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