Building and Infrastructure

Leyi Culture, via its position in the National Music Industry Park System (CMIP, 国家音乐产业基地), can offer international companies opportunities to develop theaters, performance centers and live houses along with supporting business, education and retail infrastructure.

China Music Industry Park

Leyi Culture obtained the rights to manage the creative services and real estate development in City Districts promoting CMIP business and infrastructure development. The CMIP provides Leyi Culture’s international artists and client companies with business and creative resources to improve their competitiveness in the China market and to promote Chinese artists and creative products in the international market.

Developer and Investor Benefits

The cultural development areas offer significant development grants and award programs, which can defray developers’ and investors’ expenses up to 50% of total development costs, with long-term tax reduction.

They also qualify for lower tax rates, government business resources, and financial services to transfer money in and out of China without restriction. Benefits to developers and investors include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduced land prices for long-term real estate contracts.
  • Qualify for government subsidies and development grants.
  • Ability to lease completed buildings and infrastructure to domestic and international clients.
  • Establish and manage sustainable revenue-generating performance, production, education, and commercial ventures.

Locations Ready for Development

Currently there are three locations in the Greater Shanghai region that qualify for this development program:

  • Minhuang District
  • Jiading District
  • Ningbo City, Zhenghai District

This program will be expanded to other include all major cities and urban area across China.

The Minhang Cultural Park (闵行文化公园)

Minhang District represents a national-level initiative to preserve historic and cultural work and promote innovative digital technologies and new creative work. It aims to reinforce Shanghai’s goal of becoming a leading international city in music and the arts. The Minhuang District government’s goals:

  • Use green technologies to create an ecology integrating of business, culture and nature into a harmonious sustainable human environment.
  • Develop an international cultural exchange and business platform for to promote domestic and foreign businesses.

Specifications of the Minhang Cultural Park Area:

  • Located in the Qibao Ecological Business District (七宝生态商务区).
  • It is bordered by the Outer Ring Road on East, Caobaolu on the South, Hengli Port on the West, north to Wuzhong (Hang Road) on the North side.
  • Total area is 1,888 acres; divided into: 1,273 acres for culture and arts development and 615 acres for business and commercial development.
  • The Hongqiao Transportation Hub is on the north side of the Park (3 major subways stops). Close to domestic airport.
  • It is part of the Greater Arts and Cultural Minhang District.

Approved Development Strategies

The Chinese government has approved the following development and building concepts. Investors and developers can submit specific designs and business strategies. They are also free to submit proposals with their own ideas and concepts to meet these strategic concepts.

  • Center for Music Performance – Three sites for a large and small theaters and performance events.
  • Center for the Arts and Music Technology – Multiple sites for music, online business, live streaming and digital media technologies.
  • Training and Education Center.
  • The Center of Digital and Audio-Visual Content – Multiple sites for audio-visual and publishing ventures.
  • Center of Finance and Industrial Cooperation – Infrastructure to promote investment and business in the cultural industries, as well as domestic and foreign companies doing business in China and internationally.

An Immediate Project Concept

Investors and developers can develop smaller scale proposals targeted to specific building and service offerings. Possible concepts include building infrastructure to support the following services:

  • 10,000 seat stadium and 2,000 seat theater, with related retail, restaurant, and commercial area.
  • Recording/production studios and practice facilities.
  • Digital technology and live streaming center.
  • Business office center with press and publishing services.
  • Education center in the arts, business and digital technologies leading digital music, video, film and broadcasting innovations.

Potential Project Concepts

Investors and developers can develop smaller scale proposals targeted to specific building and service offerings. Possible concepts include building infrastructure to support the following services:

  • Performance production and digital content distribution.
  • Commercial, retail and merchandizing (e.g. boutique merchandise retail outlets to attract high-end consumers).
  • Technology services (online streaming, digital media, gaming, etc.).
  • Business services, including copyright protection, marketing and promotion, policy and legal consultation and technical support.
  • Educational and training (programs and classes in performance arts provided by educational institutes with international reputation).

Other Development Locations

There are other large and small areas in the Greater Shanghai Regions that are open for investment and development. Specific information can be provided to interested parties.

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