Live Streaming Technology

Integrated System

Leyi Culture developed an integrated live streaming and e-business platform for digital media (music, video, TV, film, etc) and live performance events that provides consumers, artists and client companies with applications for managing and marketing their digital products and performances in China.

Multiple Streaming Services and Venues

Leyi Culture can stream live events by using:  a) Its current streaming system, which supports ad revenue and product sales,  b) Third party e-commerce streaming services, and/or  c) Distributing to live video to existing streaming business platforms, for example Tencent and Alibaba. Leyi Culture also provides its live streaming and business services to existing live houses in China.

Leyi Culture’s live streaming system supports multi-site live concerts where artists in each locate can perform together in real-time. In China Leyi Culture can link small live houses together to create large online audiences that individual venues cannot afford to do.

Leyi can also link venues in China with venues in other countries. Time zones are taken account of when planning performances. For example, when Leyi streamed the Philadelphia Orchestra’s Concert in Shanghai in Saturday evening, viewers in Europe where watching the performance during their Sunday Brunch on their mobile devices.

Creating a World Stage

The live streaming system creates a stale “World Stage” for artists and performance companies. This allows Leyi Culture’s artists and performers to build large online fan-bases in China’s massive mobile market communities, as well as in international markets.

Leyi Culture’s live streaming platform is being promoted as an “East–West Cultural Bridge” that can promote Chinese artists internationally and markets Western artists in China’s massive mobile social networks.

Streaming In and Out of China

Leyi Culture has used the streaming system to stream live concerts and promote Chinese and international artists in China. It was one of the first companies in China to successfully stream live concerts in and out of China reliably and at high-quality. Leyi Culture continues to provide high-quality and affordable live streaming services that can effectively build audiences in China’s massive mobile media networks.

Past Live Concert Streaming

October 19-26, 2015:  Multi-city performance tour in China featuring the Romanian National Ballet Company accompanied by the Romanian Symphony Orchestra:

  • Venue:  Shanghai, Beijing, and other tier-one cities in China.
  • Onsite Audience:  10,000+ ticket sales.
  • Online audience:  300,000+ viewers in China, 53,400 viewers in Europe, and 5,200 in North America.

November 7, 2014:  China’s National Centre for Performing Arts Orchestra in Philadelphia:

  • Venue:  The Kimmel Center, Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia.
  • Onsite Audience:  6,500 people.
  • Online audience:  86,000 people in China, 7,500 in North America.

May 25, 2014:  Philadelphia Orchestra’s Concert in Shanghai:

  • Venue:  Shanghai Center Theater located next to the Portman Ritz-Carlton.
  • Onsite Audience:  3,000 maximum seats in theater.
  • Online audience:  57,500 viewers in China, 24,600 in North America, 87,000 in Europe.
  • Post viewing/re-broadcast:  86,000 total viewers (represents post-concert revenue).

November 21, 2013:  Leyi Culture brought U.S. artists to China for a multi-city tour. The last concert featured the artists together on stage, which was streamed in China and internationally.

  • Venue:  Repulse Bay, Shanghai.
  • Onsite Audience:  600 people.
  • Online audience:  158,000 viewers in China, 18,700 in Europe, and 5,100 in the U.S.

June 21, 2013:  Leyi Culture streamed a U.S. concert to audiences in North America and in China. The concert had a real-time duet between Leyi Culture’s artist in Shanghai and the U.S. artist on stage.

  • Venue:  Majestic Theater: Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Onsite Audience:  350 people.
  • Online audience:  86,000 viewers in China, 7,500 in North America.