Gallery Introduction

Seeing is believing. Below are representative pictures of Leyi Culture’s work, and its staff that gets it done. More than “whistling while we work,” we make music and video while we work, and stream it to everyone around the world.
We’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony...             

Leyi Artists

Leyi develops and promotes Chinese artists to international markets. It also organizes multi-city concert tours in China for international artists. It provides services to international artists customizing their work to Chinese tastes and expectations.

Leyi Culture aggressively markets and promotes international artists in the China market. It also coordinates online digital releases with live concert tours, selling artist’s digital work in China’s massive mobile social media networks, which represents the vast majority of the consumer market.    View the pictures »

East-West Concerts

Leyi Culture organizes and manages performance events in China for major international artists and performing groups. It also arranges concert tours for lesser known and independent international artists. Many of these concert events were streamed live to online audiences in China and internationally.

Leyi Culture was the first company in China to successfully stream live concerts in and out of China reliably and at high quality. Its streaming system increases market reach and revenue potential for international performing artists and creative companies entering the China market.

The live concert streaming system creates a stale “World Stage” for Chinese and international artists and performance companies. It also enhances artists’ opportunities to build large online fan-bases in China’s massive mobile market communities, as well as in international markets.    View the pictures »

Behind the Scenes

Leyi Culture’s staff represent a unique lend of Chinese and Western business and technical expertise. Its Chinese staff has extensive experiences and relationships for doing business in China and maintaining supportive relationships with Chinese government agencies. They also have the practical know-how to bridge the cultural and business differences between China and the West, helping western artists and creative companies enter and conduct successful business in China.    View the pictures »

Development Areas

Leyi Culture obtained the rights to manage the development of the National China Music Industry Park (CMIP, 国家音乐产业基地). The CMIP provides Leyi Culture’s international artists and client companies with business and creative resources to improve their competitiveness in the China market and to promote Chinese artists and creative products in the international market.

Companies and investors interested developing real estate and infrastructure that is related to or supports the culture business in China will qualify for multiple-year tax incentives, government grants, and award programs. The local district governments also will provide development funding of up to 50 percent of all development costs to developers.

Currently, the following regions are actively developing culture related business and infrastructure: 1) Minhang District, Shanghai,  2) Jiading District, Shangha, and  3) Ningbo City, Zhenghai District.    View the pictures »