Digital Sales and Virtual Marketing

Leyi’s digital media sales platform uses Cugate’s innovative “Virtual Barcode” and digital transaction tracking technologies to market and sell a wide range of digital and physical products in China’s Massive Mobile Media networks. The system also captures hard-to-get market data.

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Protecting Copyrights and
Intellectual Property

Digital music and media are “information.” Information generates revenue when it is used and shared. Leyi and Cugate’s system tracks all digital transactions, providing accurate financial and market data to artists and content owners.

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Data-driven Digital Sales Platform

Leyi’s live streaming and digital sales platform increases market reach for clients, motives consumer purchases and ensures accurate payment accounting while protecting copyrights to increase revenue for artists, content owners, publishers and all rights holders.

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Putting It All Together

Leyi’s intelligent data-driven business platform integrates B2B and B2C applications with Cugate’s digital transaction tracking technology to deliver a Turn-Key Solution to companies wanting to efficiently manage digital media marketing and product sales in multiple markets.

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Leyi’s Product Offerings and Business Services

Leyi markets, distributes and sells of digital media in China’s massive social media networks. It also manages major music festivals and industry forums. Leyi also promotes development of infrastructure for major entertainment events and destinations.   Learn more  »

Leyi’s Digital Sales and Streaming Platform

Leyi developing a secure digital sales ans streaming business platform using Gugate’s innovative transaction technology that tracks all digital transactions to secure copyrights and intellectual property while ensuring all royalty payments are made to artists and rights holders.   Learn more  »

Leyi’s Partnerships and Development Projects

Leyi helps secure sites for clients and investors to develop concert venues, entertainment centers and commercial business ventures. All projects have access to low-cost real estate, development rebates and tax incentive programs.   Learn more  »

Platform and Technology Market Advantages

Leyi’s business platform and Cugate’s innovative technology provide unique advantages in international and Chinese digital media markets; providing accurate payment accounting while securing all intellectual property rights.   Learn more  »

Media Rhino LLC

Media Rhino is a Silk Road Music Industry Alliance member and a Leyi business partner, branding its business as Media Rhino promotes and sells international artists in the Chinese music festivals ans industry forums.


Cugate AG

Cugate AG is a digital media and technology company located in Berlin. It has developed an effective solution to securing digital transactions. Cutgate is a Silk Road Music Industry Alliance member and a Leyi technology partner.