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Expressway to the China Market

Leyi Culture provides an “Expressway” into the China market for international artists and companies marketing. Its business services also promote Chinese artists and companies in international markets. The following outlines Leyi Culture’s business, creative and technology services.

Digital Content Sales

Leyi Culture is able to fast-track international companies’ digital content (music, video, TV, movies, etc.) in the China market. It has all required licenses to securely distribute and sell on the Internet and mobile networks on its own e-business platform as well as all major telecom, digital music and video broadcasting platforms in China.

Concert Tours and Artist Management

Leyi Culture can organize multi-city concert tours in China for international artists. It provides consulting services to artists to prepare their work to Chinese tastes and expectations. Leyi Culture works directly with numerous Live Houses in China’s first and second tier cities. It is responsible for all the marketing and promotion activities. Leyi Culture also coordinates online digital releases with live concert tours.

Marketing and Promotions

Leyi Culture has the knowledge and relationships to aggressively market and promote international artists in the China market. This includes China&rsquos massive mobile social media networks, which represents the vast majority of the consumer market. Leyi Culture’s marketing services provide international artists and companies with direct access to China market.

Live Concert Streaming

Leyi Culture can stream live events by using:  a) Its current streaming system, which supports advertising revenue and product sales,  b) Third party e-commerce streaming services, and/or  c) Distributing to live video to existing streaming business platforms, for example Tencent and Alibaba. Leyi Culture also provides its live streaming and business services to existing live houses in China.

Digital Broadcasting Services

Leyi Culture can broadcast digital radio and digital music services to public and private areas. These services include advertising and marketing promotions.

Onsite and Online Education Services

Leyi Culture can design, develop and deliver educational programs for the music and creative industries. It can secure government grants and related business resources for clients wanting to develop educational programs to students throughout China. It also has relationships with major educational institutions and universities to help international clients acquire students and develop markets throughout China.

Business Services to International Companies

Leyi Culture has extensive business resources (licenses, permits, government resources, industry relationships, etc.) to help international companies setup and operate their own businesses in China. Clients can work with Leyi using its resources to immediately conduct and manage their own business and sales in China, without waiting years to obtain their own licenses, permits and relationships.

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