Digital Media Business Platform

Leyi Culture has developed a streaming system and an integrated B2B/B2C digital media e-business platform for marketing and selling digital content, e-tickets and advertising. It provides artists and client companies with apps for managing and marketing their digital products.

Live Concert Streaming

Leyi Culture was the first company in China to successfully stream live concerts in and out of China reliably at high quality using stable bandwidth. Leyi Culture’s streaming system increases market reach and revenue potential for international performing artists and creative companies entering the China market.

The live streaming system tracks digital media transactions as consumers share digital content with friends across all social networks, it can capture hard-to-get market trend and consumer behavior data across all social networks. This unique data is used by Leyi Culture’s data analytics applications, which produces market data and to help artists and companies improve their sales in the China market.

Platform Business Goals

The key business goals of the platform are to build large online audiences and create new revenue potential for artists and creative companies. To support these goals the platform:

  • Pays royalties to all stakeholders, including consumers, with full accounting.
  • Provides tools and services that empower users, professional and amateurs alike, to create and sell their own digital media products and services.
  • Serves business and marketing applications to industry clients for managing, controlling and marketing their digital content and media products.
  • Sells digital and physical products, advertising and creative services.
  • Creates new advertising mobile apps that amplify virtual marketing in social networks.
  • Builds large online audiences and app subscriptions to capture unique market and consumer data across all Internet and mobile social networks.

Core Business Technology

Leyi Culture’s core technology consists of a digital rights management and payment system that guarantees payments and royalties to all rights-holders. Because the system tracks all digital media transactions it can  1) Tie digital content to ads and other product sales, thus increasing revenue potential for content owners,  2) Obtain unique market and consumer data to improve marketing and sales, and  3) Provide an effective mechanism to manage and protect digital copyrights.

Platform Revenue Sources

The platform creates multiple revenue streams, including:

  • Mobile player and mobile tool app subscriptions.
  • Advertising and promotion fees.
  • Onsite and online ticket sales.
  • Value-added services (B2B) to industry clients and physical/digital (B2C/O2O) sales.
  • Market trend data and Big Data analytics.
  • e-Commerce licensing fees and sub-licensing to client companies.
  • Performance management fees, including venues and creative facilities service fees.
  • Content syndication and synchronization.