About Us


Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Company, Ltd. (Leyi) is a culture and digital media technology company established in 2013, with offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Bill Zang (臧彦彬) is Leyi’s CEO (picture to right). In addition to artist and performance management, Leyi produces, distributes and sells new digital media products, including music, video, animations, TV, film and immersive entertainment venues.

Shanghai Leyi’s business goals are to: 1) Develop secure digital transactions to protect IP and increase revenue for creative and culture businesses, 2) Promote Chinese artists and creative companies in international markets, and 3) Help Western artists and companies market and sell their work in the China market.

Developing a Streaming Platform and Venue

Shanghai Leyi is developing a digital media streaming platform that utilizes Cugate’s unique digital transaction tracking technology to provide artists, content owners and entertainment companies with applications to manage and market their digital media and live performances, protect copyrights and intellectual property, and pay all royalties to artists and rights holders.

Shanghai Leyi’s is promoting its platform and related service offerings as an East-West Cultural Bridge, one that enables clients to reach large online audiences in China and worldwide to significantly increase online audiences and revenue potential.

Shanghai Leyi: An Active Industry Leader

Shanghai Leyi manages the Silk Origin Music Alliance, a major government sponsored program to promoting the creative industries within the Belt Road Initiative. Leyi provides Alliance members with all the licenses and resources to do conduct business in China, and a safe and secure business platform protecting intellectual property.

Shanghai Leyi also manages the National China Music Industry Park, which provides a wide range of business resources and government incentive programs to Alliance members. This includes reduced real estate costs, development rebates and tax reduction incentive programs.

Leyi Culture is on the Board of Directors of the following government policy-making committees:

  • The China Recording Industry Committee (CRIC, 中国唱片工作委员会). CRIC develops and implements policies and regulations for the digital media industry. Leyi represents foreign industry interests in Chinese industry policy making.
  • The China Audio Video Copyright Association (CAVCA, 中国音像著作权集体管理协会). CAVCA represents record labels for collecting broadcasting fees. It has recently established a new Collection Society for digital media sales in China.
  • The China Audio-Video & Digital Publishing Association (CADPA, 中国音像与数字出版协会). Previously called the China Audio-Video Association (CAVA, 中国音像协会), its membership includes all major music recording and digital service providers in China. Tencent, Alibaba, China Mobile and China Telecom also have Board representation.