National China Music Industry Park


The National China Music Industry Park (CMIP, 国家音乐产业基地) is a national government initiative promoting the music, video, film, entertainment and creative industries. The CMIP:

  • Provides a safe, secure business environment for Chinese and international companies.
  • Is registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone allowing us to transfer funds in and out of China.
  • Provides client companies, investors and infrastructure developers with low-cost real estate, low tax rates, government subsidies and all industry permits.
  • Registered companies use Leyi’ s business platform and technologies to market and sell their digital and physical products, and for royalty payment accounting.
  • Offers an industry chain for music, video, TV, film, education, investment and retail initiatives.

Transforming the Creative Industries

The CMIP is a catalyst for the fundamental transformation of the music and digital media economic structure, and enhancing the competitiveness of the China music, performance and creative industries nation-wide. Its long-term goals include:

  • Serving as the first national-level music industry park in China.
  • Establishing the first world-class music production infrastructure in China.
  • Building a world-class digital music production and sales platform supporting reliable accounting and payment systems for music, video, film and digital media companies.
  • Releasing influential original products by Chinese artists worldwide.
  • Creating high-quality Chinese music brand names in China and internationally.
  • Establishing new protections for managing copyrights, licensing, and trading to Lead the music industry toward a profitable future.
  • Establishing multiple centers for performances, entertainment, and recreation.
  • Using music as an innovator for modern life, leading consumers to a more enriched and spectacular universe of entertainment, media, and creativity.

The Hub of the Modern Chinese Music Industry

The CMIP is attracting a large number of foreign and Chinese musical artists and entrepreneurs, thus establishing a “Hub” for the modern China music industry. It provides domestic and international businesses and artists with resources to help create new products and to distribute and sell in the China market. These resources include Leyi’s e-business platform and sales tracking technology developed by Leyi’s technology partner, Cugate, that guarantee all artists, companies and stakeholders get paid when their products are used or sold in China.

The CMIP affirms the Chinese government’s determination to improve innovation and overall industry performance and protection of artist’s intellectual property. And it speaks to the China’s determination to expedite the reform of copyright and publication systems and to improve the overall structure of innovation- and creativity-based enterprises. Through the CMIP, the government promotes a new model for the systematic improvement and advancement of the industry. The CMIP in Shanghai will serve as the base for new innovations and breakthroughs, which will continuously promote and strengthen the Chinese music industry.

CMIP Client Benefits

The CMIP provides Shanghai Leyi’s clients with a comprehensive set of business, technology and government resources, including but not limited to:

  • Significant tax breaks and economic incentives programs to companies and artists located within the Park,
  • Access to all national distribution and broadcasting licenses,
  • National retail store chains and distribution channels,
  • Domestic and international business resources and offices space,
  • Production and studio services serving music, animations and film production companies, and
  • Comprehensive business and financial services to registered companies.

CMIP Management

The CMIP allows Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Co. to develop and manage physical infrastructure in China, including venues, entertainment and commercial centers. Leyi is authorized to secure low-cost real estate in participating districts for developing client projects.