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The 2017 Silk Road Indie Music Festival

Leyi organized and managed the 2017 Silk Road Indie Music Festival in Chengdu. The event was sponsored by the National Government to promote the One Belt One Road (Silk Road) Initiative and mutual cultural understanding. Fifiteen Asian and European artist groups from the Silk Origin Music Industry Alliance member countries performed during the three day music festival.

An Award Program honored the best performing artists in eight professional categories. The winners were invited to perform in the next BRI sponsored event.

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Picture Galleries

Our staff’s motto: “Happy Work, Happy Life.” We believe this motto is what drives our success.

Because Leyi a multi-disciplined company, combining IT technology development with music and entertainment industries, the work pressure and stress can be overwhelming. Yet our staff feels lucky to have the opportunity because the work can be inspiring and even joyful.

Thus is the origin of our company name: “Le-Yi” means “Lucky/Fortunate, Joyous,” which in Chinese is a very sophisticated, even intellectual word. There is no English word which conveys the depth and scope of the meaning of Leyi. We can only say we are very fortunate and happy to have our company contribue to your success in China, and in the new digital media and online entertainment markets worldwide.

We hope the picture galleries help us show you how happy and proud we are to have the opportunity to develop a new business environment that creates new opportunities for artists and creative companies to create new work that generate increased revenue for all stakeholders.

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